Monthly Archives: April 2009

The New Trees Are In

In case you missed it, the new trees have been planted along Fitzwater St.

Great work by all of the volunteers last weekend. I have to check with our resident arborists to get the type of the trees that were planted – though I think two are maples (?).

The trees will need lots of watering in the coming weeks, so if you haven’t been tapped yet as a waterer and you’d like to participate, talk to David or Elaine.


New Look!

Thought I’d try out a new look for the site.

I like it. It’s very park-y. I’d still like to do something more customized using photos of the park, but I keep forgetting to take pictures.

Let me know if you like this look in the meantime.

June Concert Series

The June Concert Series is returning!


Stay tuned for more information.

Graffiti update

Kudos to those who removed (covered over) the graffiti on the garage wall and the garden wall.

Park Cleanup

Cianfrani Park volunteers after a successful cleanup.

Cianfrani Park volunteers after a successful cleanup.

Thanks to everyone who helped clean the park on Saturday.

We were able to get the fence painted, add some mulch to the new trees, plant more flowers and generally spruce up the park.

Great work by the volunteers and the organizers.

Crime Alert

I don’t want this to become a ongoing lament of neighborhood crime — it’s a site for news about the park — but there’s been too much happening in recent weeks, and frankly too little action by police, to not post something.

Here’s the Bella Vista Town Watch crime alert released in the wake of a series of muggings on Saturday night.

On the plus side, Captain Joseph T. McDowell, Commanding Officer of the 3rd Police District, is inviting 3rd District residents and business owners to use his e-mail address,, to send him crime tips directly and anonymously.