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A New Park Plan!

Cianfrani Park Plan Snapshot

Cianfrani Park Plan Snapshot

Members of the Friends of Cianfrani have submitted an excellent park renovation proposal to GreenPlan Philadelphia.

The plan has several components, including the refurbishing of the “Center Square” and the installation of a performance stage.

Here’s an excerpt from the proposal, which was submitted at the end of August:

In broad outline, we would like to transform the center of our park from a socially and ecologically passive space into
a place that actively manages storm water while providing new performance opportunities for the larger community.

The full proposal and accompanying sketches can be viewed here:

Cianfrani Park GreenPlan GrantProposal

Cianfrani Park Proposed Plan

Cianfrani Park Paving and DrainDetails

Cianfrani Park Performance Platform Detail

Support Letters

Cianfrani Park Existing Plan

Cianfrani Park Master Plan


Fall Festival October 10th

The Fall Festival is back!
Don’t forget to come to Cianfrani Park this Saturday, Oct. 10 for food, live music, games, raffle prizes, and a great selection of wares from dozens of vendors.

Labor Day Picnic

A big thanks to everyone who came out for the Labor Day picnic. We have some serious chefs in the neighborhood, and they may be on the hook for producing their specialities at the Fall Festival.