Welcome to the Cianfrani Park Blog.

Cianfrani Park, located at the corner of Eighth and Fitzwater Streets, was created on the site of a demolished school over 30 years ago. A group of neighbors met occasionally to clean, plant and otherwise care for their new park.

By the early 1990s the park had begun to deteriorate. Trees and turf were stressed and dying. Graffiti began to appear on the benches and walls. The park was no longer the green heart of our community. Reacting to this loss, new neighbors and “old timers” got together to talk about stopping the decay. Several meetings were held in the park and it became clear that we all wanted to remake the park into something more. Cianfrani Park could once again become the green center of our community. The problem was clear. The need was immediate. We had people with energy and vision.

Out of these elements was born our current group of over 100 people, the Friends of Cianfrani Park.

For over ten years our park group has been working to implement a master plan for the park. With the financial help of many neighbors, small business people and supportive city and state officials, we have accomplished much of it. Gardens fenced with attractive wrought iron, urns overflowing with flowers, benches filled with seniors engaged in conversation, mothers with children playing with pets are all now a reality. Through our efforts, Cianfrani Park is once again the green heart of our community.

As the park has improved we have begun to use it for more community events. Every autumn since 1995, we have held a Fall Festival featuring a flea market, live music, food and raffle prizes. In 2003 we began a summer concert series showcasing local talent. We also began a summer film series that brings neighbors to the park with lawn chairs to enjoy projected DVD’s.
The blog is maintained by the Friends of Cianfrani Park. If you would like to join the Friends of the Park e-mail list, send an e-mail to cianfranipark@gmail.com. If you have any technical questions about the blog, contact the webmaster.

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