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Our trees need some love!



Cianfrani Park Capital Improvements Project

Recently, we have heard that the major capital improvements for Cianfrani Park that we have been discussing at our meetings will come to fruition this October.  Neighbors have
 been working with Councilman Squilla and the Department of Parks and
 Recreation for almost four years. The catalyst for this special effort was
 the donation of an historic statue of the City Seal of Philadelphia.
  The money comes from
 a program set to expire unless it was used by this fiscal year. We are
 taking advantage of this funding opportunity in order to get as many
 infrastructure improvements done for our park as possible.  An opportunity like this is rare and will probably never happen again.  It will give us, not only the statue installation that we started out with, but a new electrical system, water source, new benches, new paving including semi permeable pavers for the center square, fencing, renewed turf surface, and nine new trees.

You can see the whole plan that has been worked and reworked at our regular monthly meetings: “Opportunity knocks: February 4 meeting about the sculpture project and park upgrades.”

At that time we had a unanimous vote in favor of the project. For those that missed that meeting we have had information about the sculpture and infrastructure project at most cleanups over the last two seasons, as well as it’s posting on the web site and on the bulletin board in the park.

The decision to replace the Mimosas was not easy. We met with no fewer
 than five arborists whose consensus was that the trees were near their end
 and were unlikely to survive repaving the center square.  Mimosas have
 about a 10 to 20 year life span. These were planted in 1968. We were all upset to hear from the arborists and the three-landscape
 professionals that are part of FOCP that the mimosas are not long for this 
world- despite their obvious beauty and tremendous shade. We tried to find
ways to save them but have been convinced, after much conversation, that
 replacement with large-caliper trees will be an enduring, generational
 investment in the park’s future. Meantime we intend to create a shade
structure to give relief from the sun in the center of the park.

The park’s electrical systems must be upgraded, which requires trenching
 that goes through the center of the park lengthwise. This will disturb the
 mimosa root systems. The center paving needs to be removed – especially 
after falls from people tripping on uneven pavement. FOCP sees this as an opportunity to improve the quality of the
 pavers that also support the longevity and health of our trees. Both of
 these necessary upgrades will disturb the health of trees already stressed, 
and near the end of their expected lifespan. So even if we could find
 smart, cost-effective ways to save the mimosas, we’re not sure they’d be 
saved in the near-term much less the long-term.

We meet at Palumbo Playground the First Tuesday of every month at 7pm. If
 anyone has an interest in discussing the issues before August, we can try
 to set up a casual meeting in the park at a mutually convenient time.

Friends of CianfraniPark

Cianfrani Park Wish List

Here’s an online version of the Wish List.

Meeting Jan. 5 at 7 p.m.

The next Cianfrani Park meeting is scheduled for  7 p.m. on Tuesday, Jan. 5 at the Palumbo Park Fieldhouse (10th and Fitzwater).

Park Wish List

I was tardy putting this on our Web site. Here’s a downloadable copy of the Cianfrani Park Wish List that was distributed at the December 2009 meeting and dropped off to houses in the neighborhood.

Return the completed form to 721 Pemberton Street, as soon as possible.

Cianfrani Park Wish List 2009

Reminder: Cianfrani Park Meeting Dec. 1 at Palumbo Fieldhouse

There will be a general Cianfrani Park meeting December 1 at 7 p.m. at the Palumbo Park Fieldhouse. On the agenda is:

1. A short review of the festival.

2. Presentation of the overall plan that we came up with this summer for the GreenPlan application by Lauren.

3. Updated needs assessment for the overall park plan.


A New Park Plan!

Cianfrani Park Plan Snapshot

Cianfrani Park Plan Snapshot

Members of the Friends of Cianfrani have submitted an excellent park renovation proposal to GreenPlan Philadelphia.

The plan has several components, including the refurbishing of the “Center Square” and the installation of a performance stage.

Here’s an excerpt from the proposal, which was submitted at the end of August:

In broad outline, we would like to transform the center of our park from a socially and ecologically passive space into
a place that actively manages storm water while providing new performance opportunities for the larger community.

The full proposal and accompanying sketches can be viewed here:

Cianfrani Park GreenPlan GrantProposal

Cianfrani Park Proposed Plan

Cianfrani Park Paving and DrainDetails

Cianfrani Park Performance Platform Detail

Support Letters

Cianfrani Park Existing Plan

Cianfrani Park Master Plan