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A message from Friends of Cianfrani Park

The “old” Friends of Cianfrani Park are pleased to welcome so many “new” Friends to the group, many of whom joined at the beautiful October Fall Festival event we organized.

We need as many friends as we can get because this park, like all small parks in Philadelphia, is dependent on volunteer effort. At various times, you will find people planting, pruning, and cleaning in the park. These people are not City employees. They are neighborhood volunteers and they will welcome your contribution to the effort, no matter how small.

We typically hold meetings at 7 pm in Palumbo Recreation Center (10th & Fitzwater) on the first Tuesday of every month and look forward to your joining us.

In the meantime, you may have noticed an urgent challenge – the two overflowing trash cans in the park. Typically, within one day of emptying, these cans are full and 90% of what they are full of is bags of our dogs’ droppings. The City provided a worker for a few summer weeks, during which the situation was tolerable. That service is long gone. For the rest of the year, if we want the park to be a pleasant place for all users, rather than an eye- and nose-sore, it is up to those of us who walk our dogs in the park or deposit their droppings in those cans to find a solution.

Options include:

  • Dog owners establish a schedule and take turns emptying the cans daily
  • Dog owners carry our dogs’ droppings to our own homes (that’s what many of us do now because we were told that it was the law)
  • Dog owners organize ourselves to contribute money to pay someone to empty the cans daily and to monitor that person
  • We remove the cans from the park

If you are interested in leading or participating in the dog owner effort, please reply to this email (cianfranipark@gmail.com).


Fall Festival Oct. 9

Fall Festival 2009: The Iron Chefs of Cianfrani Park

The 16th annual Cianfrani Park Fall Festival and Flea Market is Saturday, Oct. 9 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Join friends and neighbors for food, live music, games, raffle prizes, and a great selection of wares from dozens of vendors. (There are still a few spots left for tables. To reserve a table call 215-923-7648.)

*Rain date is Sunday, Oct. 10.

Festival Fun

Thanks to everyone who helped rake, mulch, paint, and generally spruce-up the park last weekend. And big thanks to whoever provided the delicious (and warm!) pumpkin bread. Yum.

We had a good turnout, beautiful weather, and we bagged a lot of leaves.


Cianfrani Park Cleaners

A sunny Saturday. Perfect for mulching!

The Cianfrani Park Gardening Crew

The Cianfrani Park Gardening Crew


Lots o' Leaves

Lots o' Leaves




Fall Festival a success!

We had a terrific turnout, despite the rain. A big thanks to all of the Festival coordinators, to the legendary Ken Kweder, to the local merchants who donated gifts for the raffle, and to the magician, whose name I can’t remember.

The Iron Chefs of Cianfrani Park

The Iron Chefs of Cianfrani Park

It's Magic!

It's Magic!

The Rafflers

The Rafflers

Fall Festival October 10th

The Fall Festival is back!
Don’t forget to come to Cianfrani Park this Saturday, Oct. 10 for food, live music, games, raffle prizes, and a great selection of wares from dozens of vendors.

Labor Day Picnic

A big thanks to everyone who came out for the Labor Day picnic. We have some serious chefs in the neighborhood, and they may be on the hook for producing their specialities at the Fall Festival.