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Meeting on Feb. 7

Friends of Cianfrani Park will hold its February meeting at Palumbo Recreation Center, 10th and Fitzwater Streets on Tuesday February 7, at 7PM.

The agenda for the meeting will include:

  • Spring garden planting plans
  • A Spring Festival if there is enough interest
  • Vesuvio and recent reports of what is going on there

The New Trees Are In

In case you missed it, the new trees have been planted along Fitzwater St.

Great work by all of the volunteers last weekend. I have to check with our resident arborists to get the type of the trees that were planted – though I think two are maples (?).

The trees will need lots of watering in the coming weeks, so if you haven’t been tapped yet as a waterer and you’d like to participate, talk to David or Elaine.