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Important Notice: Spraying in the Park

Over the last several years, many of us have been fretting about the condition of the lawn at Cianfrani Park. It seems like it either has large spots of brown or the grass is so high it is up to your knees. Last year we were very proud to accept the first prize in the Pennsylvania Horticulture Society’s City Garden Contest. The gardens are a result of very hard work on the part of our dedicated volunteer neighbors. However, the grass has been continued to be problematic.

Last summer, after our continued complaints to the city about the mowing situation, we were paid a surprise visit by a landscape technician from the newly consolidated Department of Parks and Recreation. With the consolidation of Fairmount Park and the Philadelphia Department of Recreation, we have benefitted by receiving some new services, including people who care about having parks with nice lawns. After taking a sample and sending it for analysis, it seems that he discovered the cause of our lawn problems. We have a very difficult weed called Goose Grass which has overtaken the good grass and seems to grow at a rate of up to an inch a day. The city’s biweekly mowing schedule is not going to handle that kind of growth.

To remedy this situation the city is going to come in to spray the lawn to eliminate the Goose Grass before it has a chance to start growing this year. The spray is not a poison, but a “pre emergent treatment” that prevents weed seeds from sprouting and multiplying. It will not kill anything that is already growing. Following the spraying we will be roping off all of the lawns for a week or so and strongly suggest that you keep children and dogs off of the lawns. The protection for a week is only to allow the treatment to work efficiently and undisturbed. We have been told it should not be harmful to pets or people. Signs will be posted.

The second stage of this recovery process will occur in the fall which is the best time to plant new grass. We hope to have a contractor come in at that time to aerate the entire lawn to loosen the compacted dirt so that new seed may go in. It will take the winter for it to establish roots and hopefully next summer we will have the beautiful lawn we have always wanted.

We ask for your patience as we go through this process. We hope you will be happy with the results.

-Friends of Cianfrani Park


Cianfrani Park Update

Dear Neighbors,

Over the last couple of months you may have noticed some welcome changes in Cianfrani Park.

Last April we received a grant from the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society to provide plants and tools for renovating our gardens. In a happy coincidence, several very capable gardening volunteers have come forward to offer their time and talent to help our park become one of the most beautiful in the city.

In October, volunteers removed all of the lackluster shrubs in the side planters. On November 4th we planted 36 new shrubs and two flowering trees. Over 2000 bulbs were planted to provide a dazzling display for next spring. Over the three work weekends there were a total of 76 people who put in an average of four hours each. This is a great achievement.

We all owe special thanks to neighbors Karen Clancy and Christopher DeSilvis for their leadership, enthusiasm and hard work for making all this happen. We are also grateful to neighbor Warren Isom for building a new brick base under our tilting urn in the round planter by 8th Street and for his tulip planting expertise.

Let’s keep the momentum going!

All of this fresh energy is wonderful for our park and our community. We urge all of you who use and enjoy Cianfrani Park to think about how you can contribute to its nurture and improvement. We can always use gardening help, but there are many ways to be involved. (If you have ideas about creative fundraising projects, please raise your hand!)

So much of modern life is out of our control, but working together we can certainly make our park cleaner, greener and safer for all. Other benefits include meeting some very nice neighbors. The food isn’t bad, either!

In January we will discuss next year’s plans for projects and events at our monthly meeting to be held at Palumbo Recreation Center, 7pm, on the first Tuesday of the month.

Enjoy the “Pyramid of Light” decoration in the park.

Dream of Spring and the beauty to come.

Happy Holidays to All!

The Friends of Cianfrani Park