Dogs off leash

This is an excerpt from an e-mail Charlie M. sent. The e-mail is being resent to the Cianfrani Park list for those who haven’t seen it yet.

The issue of dogs being off leashes has become an increasing problem lately.

Recently, following an incident where a pit bull left another dog bleeding, 911 was called. The incident was particularly disturbing because it occurred feet from where young children were playing, and a very heated argument followed the incident.

The responding officer encouraged the neighbors to continue to call 911 whenever they saw a dog off a leash.  So we encourage the neighbors to do so.

Please call 911 when you see a dog off a leash.  Many people feel this is a bit heavy-handed, but it is important.

In discussions with the police, they have emphasized that if neighbors do not make complaints about quality of life issues, they are unlikely to be addressed.  If there is not a pattern of complaints, they will not see this as a problem towards which resources need to be directed.  It is important that the 911 calls are made, officers come out, reports get logged in the computer system, etc.  An animal control officer will come out to the parks and check for violations and issue citations.  Continue to call 911 when you see violations, and the police will issue citations when warranted.

But the first step is the neighbors’ complaints.  This can’t be emphasized enough–no complaint, no action.