Dec. 1 Meeting Minutes

Here are the minutes from the Dec. 1, 2009 Friends of Cianfrani Park meeting.
Minutes from the Jan. 5, 2010 meeting will be posted shortly.

A .pdf version of the minutes is also attached.



Palumbo Recreation Center

ATTENDING:  There were more than 50 people attending (see sign-in sheet).

CALL TO ORDER:  Rosemary Capirchio called the meeting to order in the absence of Babe Tartaglia, who was ill.


Babe Tartaglia, President; Bob Brown, Vice-President; Elaine Ulmer, Vice-President; Aileen Moleski, Recording Secretary; Rosemary Capirchio, Treasurer; Roxanne Galeota, General Counsel

DESIGN COMMITTEE:  Dennis McGlade, Lauren McGee, Walter Moleski, Elaine Ulmer, David Morse, N. R. Popkin.

TREASURER’S REPORT:  Rosemary gave the report of the results of the 2009 Fall Festival.  Total receipts were $2,480.  This was the most successful Festival ever, with very good participation.  After expenses, $1,269 is dedicated to the Big Belly solar compactors.  Rosemary asked that people think about ideas/activities/volunteers for next year.


David Morse showed a plan of the old park and reviewed the history of efforts on behalf of the Park, up to July 2009.  He explained the design process begun in 2006 (which resulted in a cost estimate of $450,000), after which a new design process to include a needs assessment was started.

Lauren displayed the master plan she has drawn and described its features, including some feedback from people who saw the plan at the Fair.  She explained that this plan was developed in time for a grant proposal deadline.  Lauren also reported on efforts to try to get “Big belly” trash cans for the Park.  She arranged to have a full-sized sample on view at the Fair, which attracted a lot of interest/questions.

Dennis McGlade commented in answer to a question raised by a member of the attendees regarding how to protect our grass that it has to be a community solution.  He further stated that we value the park because it’s green and we value our green spaces.  However, green things are living, and   as such have requirements to sustain them.  Such things as not walking on the grass until dry after a rain are necessary to protect the green.  The urine causing wide white rings on the trunks of trees indicate that damage is being done, which will ultimately kill the trees.  We treat our living things like they are inanimate objects.  We must be sensitive to the needs of living things; otherwise they won’t be green anymore.  Dennis also mentioned that there are fewer trees in South Philadelphia than in other parts of the city and cautioned that any loss of trees is truly significant.


Elaine Ulmer emphasized the need for park users to be together if we are to succeed in fund-raising attempts.  She explained that Friends of Cianfrani Park applied for a Greenplan Philadelphia grant for “green” initiatives, particularly sustainability and stewardship.  Although our application submission was not awarded any money, the Pennsylvania Horticulture Society encouraged us to resubmit it if there is another opportunity.  Elaine feels that there are funding opportunities out there, but it will take concerted effort on the part of Friends of Cianfrani Park in order to qualify.


N. R. Popkin, who developed the original “Wish List” for a needs assessment done in 2006, again presented this idea and asked people to fill in a simple questionnaire, ordering their priorities.  These will be collected and results shared with members.  Top priorities in 2006 were Trees, Benches, Art.


Roxanne Galeota is General Counsel for Friends of Cianfrani Park.  She is said, although we are not a 501c3, as members of Philadelphia Recreation Advisory Council, we can use that 501c3 status, making contributions to the Park tax-deductible.  The Annual Meeting of Friends of Cianfrani Park will take place in May, 2010.  Monthly meetings will be held on the first Tuesday of each month, 7:00 pm, at Palumbo Recreation Center.


Next Park Clean –Up – Saturday, December 5, 2009

Holiday Party and Lighting of the Pyramid– December 14

Regular Meetings –first Tuesday of the month – next meeting Jan. 5, 2010