Angels Among Us

AngelIf you spend any time at Cianfrani Park, you’ve probably noticed how much more pleasant it’s been for the past six months or so.

This is thanks in large part to the angels of the trash cans. The trash cans in the park fill up quickly and often smell pretty bad.

However, some anonymous Park Angels have taken it upon themselves to keep those cans empty so that everyone can enjoy the space. We don’t know who they are but we hope they see this so that we can all express our deep thanks to them.

As most of us know, the City of Philadelphia does not provide sufficient services to the park to keep the trash under control or to keep the park looking great. All of that happens most of the year thanks to a few hard-working volunteers.

We are, however, fortunate that starting about two weeks ago and going on through the end of September, the City is providing an hour of staff time every day so the trash angels/volunteers can have a vacation.

We will all look forward to their return beginning October 1. If you want any more information about the situation or you would like to volunteer with this or other Park tasks, send a note to