Park Meeting Minutes – March 2, 2013

Meeting Minutes
Friends of Cianfrani Park March Meeting (March 5, 2013)

Fante Leone Statue*

We will have access to a Masters Thesis in Conservation that focuses on the Fante Leone Pool Building. This will be a rich source of information regarding the history of our gift.


1. Get a conservator to evaluate the condition of the statue.

2. Ask PECO to bury the wires going into the park and remove the ugly poles.

3. Gather information for the real costs of foundation work, conservation and installation so we can establish fundraising goals.

4. Gather ideas for fundraising events and identify potential donors and partners.


1. Conservation efforts should preserve the patina and finish on the statue.

2. Keep the installation simple. We will not be using the remaining pieces of the door surround. Is there a fundraising opportunity in selling them off?

3. Keep landscape elements around the statue transparent to maintain clear site lines through the park.

* We realize that not everyone is familiar with the story of the statue and how we got it. We will try to have pictures and back round information on the website within the next few days.



1. Replace the shrubs in the North Central long planter. The Fothergilla is not thriving. The shrubs will be donated to other parks. These shrubs were obtained as part of a grant from PHS, not purchased with donated park funds.

2. Clear out the plants at the broad end of the “triangle” where the statue will be located, so we can start fresh in terms of design. Memorial shrubs and plants we can use will be relocated within the park, all other donated.

3. Install new fencing on the North side of the children’s toy area.




We have a volunteer to organize two movies for the end of August. She will need a two person “crew” to help set up and take down our screen. Trial run for experimenting with the set up process will be either April 13 or May 11 clean ups.

Friday Concerts in June are being planned.

April 13 Mayors Cleanup:

We will be cleaning the perimeter of the park, cleaning a lot across from the park and erecting a new shed to store our tools, potting up plants to be donated to other parks.

May 11 “Love Your Park” service day:

Clean plant, paint the fences, have lunch and talk.


The next meeting of the Friends of Cianfrani Park will be April 2nd

7PM Palumbo Recreation Center

We welcome your participation.