Cianfrani Park Update! – May 2017

Dear Neighbors,

Join the Friends of Cianfrani Park, and help keep our trees healthy and our gardens blooming!

Thank you to all who come to our workdays and contribute to making Cianfrani one of the beauty spots in the city park system. The park is a place to use and enjoy. This is evident if you stop by to relax with a book, or walk your dog, or play with your children. It is also our responsibility to take care of it.

We are grateful to the City (especially to Councilman Squilla) for the recent investment in the infrastructure of our park. Their part of the bargain is complete except for some promised turf restoration. Now we must do our part to maintain our park to a standard we feel we deserve.

Our gardens are ambitious and our trees are large. Philadelphia allows Friends groups to contribute to special projects, such as tree work and gardens. We need to raise $6200 to hire professional help for some urgent projects that would be difficult or dangerous for volunteers to attempt.

Our partners in the City and the Fairmount Park Conservancy are aware of the depth of our commitment as a Friends group, and the strength of the support the community shows for Cianfrani Park.

These are our current priorities:

  • Major work is required on some of our largest trees, especially pruning and stabilizing the kid’s favorite “climbing tree”. Several of the big maples are damaged and need help. Other trees should be thinned to stay healthy. It would be good to do this before the end of June.
  • Various overgrown evergreen shrubs must be removed and/or relocated as soon as possible.
  • We have a proposal of $2600 for the tree work and $1600 to relocate various shrubs and perennials. The proposals are from reputable firms that have worked in the park before.
  • We will also need $2000 for additional plants and shrubs to finish our gardens.

What can you do to help?

  • Give money! One generous neighbor donated $200, and another has promised to match that gift. Please consider a donation of $50 or more. Any amount is gratefully accepted.

    Write a check to the Friends of Cianfrani Park and put it in the mail slot at 721 Pemberton St. Make a donation using the Paypal button on our website

    It would be ideal to have most of the funding in place before MAY 20

  • Unleash your inner entrepreneur: volunteer to serve on a fundraising committee!
    It could be fun. Our plants and trees would be happy, and we may even be able to afford extra concerts, movie nights or other events.

Join us for “Love Your Park” Service Day on May 13
We will move mulch and have lunch! Meet the Neighbors! Together we keep Cianfrani park beautiful.