The Friends of Cianfrani Park formed 25 years ago with a mission* to make it the serene, green heart of Bella Vista.
This one of the most successful parks in the Philadelphia Parks and Recreation system, thanks to the persistent efforts of a small group of dedicated neighbors, and the work of hundreds of volunteers over the years.
It is time to pass the baton to a new generation of leaders!
All that is required is to be reliable, interested, and agree with our mission to be good stewards of this special resource. We hope to elect new officers in 2019.
There is much to gain by building on the momentum of the last 25 years, and much to lose by letting it slip away. Volunteer to be a part of Cianfrani Park’s future!

Meet the first Tuesday in March, Palumbo Recreation, 7 p.m.

(*We are a designated “passive” park, meaning it exists for the enjoyment of all.
It is not a dog park, or a playground, or a ballfield.  Everyone belongs, and all who use it have a responsibility to be respectful of the park and other users.  Direct questions or comments to cianfranipark@gmail.com)

To maintain our 501(3) c status, and to be a Registered Park Group with the City (qualifying us for event insurance) we must have regular meetings and elected officers.

The President calls meetings and sets the agenda with input from other officers.
Other duties include regular follow up with the other officers and Committee heads, and making sure meetings are publicized.  Meetings are monthly, with some exceptions

Vice President
Assists the President, especially with coordinating with the committees.
We need one or two people to attend Park Networking dinner meetings sponsored by Parks and Recreation and the Fairmount Park Conservancy. This is where park people get together to talk about problems policies and opportunities for grants etc. There are about three per year and are usually held at the Horticulture Center in Fairmount park. You can catch a ride downtown at 5 or so, and the meetings are always over by 7:30.
Be willing to share what you learned with a written memo or a meeting presentation.

Currently this job involves posting updates and notices from the officers to the gmail list, forwarding incoming messages to the officers, and updating the list as requested.
The Secretary also keeps minutes of any meetings and preserves records of communications and park history.

Balances the books, records donations and expenses, and banks income from donations or grants. Makes transfers from Paypal and other sources.  Reimburses members for approved park expenses.  Reports to the government re:501c3 status.  Files for and pays for event permits  Generates financial reports for the Activities Fund and Conservancy grants.

We need Chairpersons and volunteers for the following areas of interest:

Ambitious gardens are a special feature of Cianfrani Park, and they need to be evaluated and maintained regularly to look their best. Volunteers do not have to be gardening experts! Cianfrani Park won First Prize in the City Gardens Contest 2012, but we have not entered since. Do you feel competitive for 2019??

Trees need to be monitored and dollars raised to provide regular professional care.

Maintenance projects for the fences and other issues are over-due! We need a convivial group of regular volunteers to keep the park looking well-tended.  This is important to our collective self-interest. An unkempt park is a magnet for bad behavior.

The “Concerts in June” Series is Cianfrani Park’s signature event thanks to the efforts of Matt Mungen and Marielle Cohen. The Fall Festival was successfully revived in 2018 to celebrate the park’s 50th Anniversary.  It takes a dedicated Festival Committee to once again make this a yearly event.
The annual Holiday Lighting Ceremony is a tradition worth keeping.
Some funding for events is available from the City and the Fairmount Park Conservancy, but it must be applied for.
If you have a proposal for a new activity, please feel free to present it at a monthly meeting.
Ideally a schedule for events should be planned on a yearly basis so the permit process can be simplified.

Communications and Outreach 
Our website and Facebook pages would benefit from more regular updating and fresh content. Any ideas for a regular commentary or photo feature?

Grant Writing and Fundraising
We regularly apply for event grants from Philadelphia Activities Fund and the Fairmount Park Conservancy. These are not difficult applications to complete, but they must be done on time.
The volunteers who have done this for years are increasingly absent, and don’t want to “drop the ball” and disappoint the neighborhood.
Fundraising knits together the needs of the various committees.
Money is required to support Events/Entertainment/Education activities and Beautification/Maintenance projects.
A reasonable goal is to raise a total of $4000 – $5000 yearly

Duties in any category can be shared.
The park provides a unique opportunity to improve the community.
It can be fun and rewarding too!