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We’re #1!

That’s right.

Cianfrani Park received First Prize in the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society 2012 City Gardens Contest. Thanks to all of the awesome volunteers.
Special thanks Karen Clancy and Chris DiSilvis for all their work on the gardens, and to Rosemary Capirchio, Joanne Hoffman, Lee Price, Jason Rubin, Rachel Thurston and Matt Varrato for keeping the gardens alive and watered this summer.


Cianfrani Park Update

Dear Neighbors,

Over the last couple of months you may have noticed some welcome changes in Cianfrani Park.

Last April we received a grant from the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society to provide plants and tools for renovating our gardens. In a happy coincidence, several very capable gardening volunteers have come forward to offer their time and talent to help our park become one of the most beautiful in the city.

In October, volunteers removed all of the lackluster shrubs in the side planters. On November 4th we planted 36 new shrubs and two flowering trees. Over 2000 bulbs were planted to provide a dazzling display for next spring. Over the three work weekends there were a total of 76 people who put in an average of four hours each. This is a great achievement.

We all owe special thanks to neighbors Karen Clancy and Christopher DeSilvis for their leadership, enthusiasm and hard work for making all this happen. We are also grateful to neighbor Warren Isom for building a new brick base under our tilting urn in the round planter by 8th Street and for his tulip planting expertise.

Let’s keep the momentum going!

All of this fresh energy is wonderful for our park and our community. We urge all of you who use and enjoy Cianfrani Park to think about how you can contribute to its nurture and improvement. We can always use gardening help, but there are many ways to be involved. (If you have ideas about creative fundraising projects, please raise your hand!)

So much of modern life is out of our control, but working together we can certainly make our park cleaner, greener and safer for all. Other benefits include meeting some very nice neighbors. The food isn’t bad, either!

In January we will discuss next year’s plans for projects and events at our monthly meeting to be held at Palumbo Recreation Center, 7pm, on the first Tuesday of the month.

Enjoy the “Pyramid of Light” decoration in the park.

Dream of Spring and the beauty to come.

Happy Holidays to All!

The Friends of Cianfrani Park


Angels Among Us

AngelIf you spend any time at Cianfrani Park, you’ve probably noticed how much more pleasant it’s been for the past six months or so.

This is thanks in large part to the angels of the trash cans. The trash cans in the park fill up quickly and often smell pretty bad.

However, some anonymous Park Angels have taken it upon themselves to keep those cans empty so that everyone can enjoy the space. We don’t know who they are but we hope they see this so that we can all express our deep thanks to them.

As most of us know, the City of Philadelphia does not provide sufficient services to the park to keep the trash under control or to keep the park looking great. All of that happens most of the year thanks to a few hard-working volunteers.

We are, however, fortunate that starting about two weeks ago and going on through the end of September, the City is providing an hour of staff time every day so the trash angels/volunteers can have a vacation.

We will all look forward to their return beginning October 1. If you want any more information about the situation or you would like to volunteer with this or other Park tasks, send a note to

2010 in review

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A message from Friends of Cianfrani Park

The “old” Friends of Cianfrani Park are pleased to welcome so many “new” Friends to the group, many of whom joined at the beautiful October Fall Festival event we organized.

We need as many friends as we can get because this park, like all small parks in Philadelphia, is dependent on volunteer effort. At various times, you will find people planting, pruning, and cleaning in the park. These people are not City employees. They are neighborhood volunteers and they will welcome your contribution to the effort, no matter how small.

We typically hold meetings at 7 pm in Palumbo Recreation Center (10th & Fitzwater) on the first Tuesday of every month and look forward to your joining us.

In the meantime, you may have noticed an urgent challenge – the two overflowing trash cans in the park. Typically, within one day of emptying, these cans are full and 90% of what they are full of is bags of our dogs’ droppings. The City provided a worker for a few summer weeks, during which the situation was tolerable. That service is long gone. For the rest of the year, if we want the park to be a pleasant place for all users, rather than an eye- and nose-sore, it is up to those of us who walk our dogs in the park or deposit their droppings in those cans to find a solution.

Options include:

  • Dog owners establish a schedule and take turns emptying the cans daily
  • Dog owners carry our dogs’ droppings to our own homes (that’s what many of us do now because we were told that it was the law)
  • Dog owners organize ourselves to contribute money to pay someone to empty the cans daily and to monitor that person
  • We remove the cans from the park

If you are interested in leading or participating in the dog owner effort, please reply to this email (

Zoning Meeting Tuesday, March 9

Important zoning meeting Tuesday night!
Bella Vista Town Watch will hear a request from 736 S. 8th St. (Vesuvio Restaurant and Bar) for: “Application for an extension of live entertainment to include live music, d.j. music and self contained [sic.] music for dancing by patrons 1st and 2nd floors, no signs in this application, in the same building as a single family dwelling 3rd floor.”

The meeting begins at 7:30 p.m. at Palumbo Recreation Center (10th and Fitzwater Streets).

Cianfrani Park on WHYY

WHYY-TV filmed Iron’s concert in Cianfrani Park last summer as part of WHYY’s “On Canvas” series.
The program aired January 6, 2010.
Here’s the YouTube clip: